About This Guide

Welcome! This guide will get you on your way to registering for your first class on “the other side of the hill,” whichever that may be! Use the navigation guide above to find the resources you might need. The “Network” tab will take you to a Facebook group, where you can talk to students who have gone through the cross-registration process, and others who are also looking at classes at both Brown and RISD!

Once you’ve got all this info down, click on the USEFUL LINKS tab above to print the paperwork you will need to get signed.

Here’s a small blurb on the relationship between both schools, just to get you started! (And another…)



PLEASE NOTE: This guide has been created by a student, and is sponsored by the Brown University Creative Arts Council (CAC). The information on external links belongs to the registrars of Brown Univeristy and/or Rhode Island School of Design. 

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